Customer-driven logistics

Deliver with ease, finally.

Zoopit connect all parts in the value chain, we automate many processes and most of all: we provide customers the smoothest delivery experience.

  • Easy flow and full control

    With Zoopit you have a complete overview from pick-up to delivery.
    Less paperwork = automation = more efficiency and precision.

  • Analytics to the rescue

    Delivering goods is just not enough. We give you the most valuable metrics that will help you better manage your costs and maximise your logistics potential.

  • Customer is king, really

    The old saying never goes out of fashion. Our system is built around your customer’s needs. Understanding them, allow us to understand you much better.

  • The complicated made simple

    Believe it or not, but simplicity is not the most common thing out there. Our applications are designed to be easy to use and to understand.

Some of Scandinavia’s biggest logistics organisations trust Zoopit to handle their deliveries.

Zoopit is a crucial component of our Internet sales. Without their software and expertise, it would have been very demanding to deliver groceries with such precision in such short period.

Finn Dybvik — Head of Business Development, NorgesGruppen ASA

With Zoopit we have an intuitive and safe logistics system with excellent user support.

Jonas Andre Olsen — Head of Operations, Eureca AS (ASKO)

We provide simple and robust tools to proactively manage your logistics.

Meet our ready-to-use applications:


A powerful command control for the day-to-day operations.

The dashboard allows you to follow all deliveries, manage orders, create/edit routes and check for statistics, just to begin with.

What else do you get when using the dashboard?

  • No more time consuming tasks and manual processes.
  • Route optimisation.
  • Focus on what matters.
  • Be proactive.
Zoopit Dashboard Web App
Dashboard features in a nutshell
  • Go paperless, no more spreadsheets or phone calls trying to locate orders and drivers.
  • Automatic billing calculation ensures both carriers and retailers have the right prices charged/paid.
  • Prioritise your actions, what is important will always have the highest priority, coming to your attention right away. Everything else, our system will take care of.
  • Get notified when it matters. In logistics, things can get complicated pretty fast. That’s why the dashboard will always alert you if there is something that should require your attention.
  • Consolidate all your orders in one online and user-friendly platform.
  • Put down fires before they occur. We predict if every order is on track. Should a delay happen we give you all the tools and information to keep your customer satisfied.
Zoopit Courier App

Courier app

Happy courier, happy customer.

With the Courier app you have everything you need in the palm of your hands, no need to have other device than a smartphone. Scanning packages, getting the next route, proof of delivery, all at a thumbs reach. Digital, secure and GDPR compliant.

The last mile will be “piece of cake”.

We figure out the best routes, we keep everything digital, proof of delivery was never easier to keep, even for controlled substances. We got it covered.

Meet and exceed expectations.

Precision, predictability and transparency. If something goes wrong all parts involved are aware. The solution is at your fingertips in real time and to all.

Insights and improvements.

What is all data worth if the numbers don’t make sense? With detailed insights for pick-ups, deliveries, we can improve performance, ensuring everybody’s time as their most valuable asset.

Zoopit Store Info Web App

Store info

Maximise your employees time.

A simple and insightful application giving any retailer personnel the right information at the right time, becoming the window where shopkeepers can see through deliveries.

Every delivery starts with a pick-up.

No more time will be spent wondering when a courier is approaching. A glimpse at Store info screen and anyone can follow exactly which orders are to be delivered and when the courier is nearby.

Prepared for setbacks.

Sometimes, for different reasons, deliveries are not completed. That’s why immediately after a deviation is flagged by a courier, a warning is shown informing that the goods could be returning to the shop. So, no more bad surprises.

On top of that:

Set a new standard for customer experiences.

Every customer gets SMS notifications right when their delivery starts to minutes before it arrives.

We track deliveries like it’s 2021! We provide real time tracking with every delivery. After all, if tracking is not live, why would they call it “tracking”?

Give your customers the possibility to provide instant feedback on their delivery experience.

Get facts to support your decisions.

Keep an eye on delays, price per delivery and volume ensuring fair evaluations of costs.

Increase efficiency, identify bottlenecks and remove risk of manual mistakes.

Get full reports that will help to shape your next business decisions.

Open for business with anyone.

Integrating Zoopit with e-commerce platform is a breeze. We have ready-made plugins for some of the most used e-commerce platforms like Magento and WooCommerce.

Want to go custom? No problem! We have a comprehensive, easy to setup API that will empower your logistics the way you want and your customers expect.

We are a team of highly skilled and focused people.

Making logistics as it should be.

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(+47) 21 08 66 70

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